Friday, July 3, 2020
Sim Racing Association

A renewed mission for SRA looks to a brighter future in 2018

So lets take a few minutes to talk about the Sim Racing Association and all the benefits that being part of the SRA can bring to leagues and drivers.
A few hours ago I made a post about TDR’s upcoming events with a sweet new series logo! I personally need to thank Zach Chrostowski for making it for us! I’ve gotten to know Zach through his ownership of Fuel Racing League. A great league that calls SRA home. I’ve always admired the work he does for not only Fuel but also his partner home league Fast Racing. These are friendships and new leagues I have found in my own experience inside the SRA Teamspeak.
You may be asking yourself, what is the SRA and what is its core purpose? SRA was founded on the principles of unity in all forms of Sim Racing to share a common Teamspeak server for the all drivers to join in and find great leagues to race in! And I sit here today to restore that promise and vision for SRA of bringing more great leagues into our Teamspeak and make it there home.
With that I sincerely invite all community friendly leagues who share the values of a united sim racing world that could make not only NR2003 thrive, but also expose others to other great racing simulations and other forms of gaming that may create new brotherhoods and enhance the enjoyment of getting to know new people.
Just imagine the renewed promise that could be brought to our little communiy. Long lost are the days of big events, but imagine an atmosphere where not only would a grandioso event be possible, it would be expected and could truly become the norm! The dream of having 15+ leagues all working on a common goal project could indeed come true, and I think those outstanding leagues with great leadership could make this all come alive! Lets not let this unique opportunity pass us by!!! To the owners, administrators, drivers and all other community ventures out there, lets make it become a reality!
Remember, SRA is a Teamspeak first and foremost and that is what it will remain. What SRA is NOT is a sanctioning body. SRA does not and will not impede on league operations. Your league is your league! Run it as normal. SRA is Teamspeak only.
What is the purpose of the SRA Board of Directors? The answer is simple. We all watch over and maintain the TS server. Assisting new individuals who may enter without required permissions to move around. Keep it free of spammers, hackers, or anyone who may come in to damage other leagues. As a brotherhood we look out for each other!
All individuals are welcome to come into our TS to hang out in our many many rooms that are assigned as free reign open rooms. We are easy to find! TS3 IP is
As a league owner is there any interest of becoming an SRA member? Have and questions or concerns about anything SRA? Feel free to contact me directly and we will set up a time to chat! We hope you will join us sometime!
The Sim Racing Association is currently the home of BGSR, N4Nites, CARS, FAST, FTF, FUEL, IORL, and TDR Racing Leagues.
As chairman of SRA, I welcome the chance to add more great leagues to this list!
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