Friday, July 3, 2020
Sim Racing Association

FUEL brings SS Racing to SRA on Thursday Nights!

FUEL Racing League returns Thursday, July 26th with the Albertsons Superspeedway Series!

We will run two approx half hour races a night at some of the best Super-speedways in NR2003, using the SNG Cup98 mod with CTS physics.

Series Overview:
Mod: Cup98 CTS Physics
Race Length: 2 races a night / About half an hour each
Season Length: 10 weeks / 20 races
Damage: Moderate
Weather: 40 Degrees / Clear

Thursday Nights
Practice 1: 10:00 PM EST
Qual 1: 10:15 PM EST
Practice 2: ~ 10:55 PM EST
Qual 2: ~ 11:10 PM EST

For more details, visit our group page:

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