Saturday, August 17, 2019
Sim Racing Association

ISRL Set to begin racing next week! Signups open NOW!

6 days until the Friday Night Fury launch, 7 until the Saturday Night Shootout launch… we’re in T-minus 1 week guys and gals!

If you haven’t already, register on the SMS league page here:

Remember, Friday’s events will start after IORL’s Indycar series, at approximately 11:00 PM EST for server up time, and 11:30 PM EST for start of the race. Saturday’s start is 11:00 PM EST for server up time, and 12:00 AM EST for Qual, with race immediately following.

Thank you to everyone for the support thus far in helping us launch (Sim Racing Association and the staff, IORL (International Online Racing League) and the staff and drivers, etc.), now let’s keep it rolling and get some support for the first 8 race segment on both series!

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