Thursday, October 17, 2019
Sim Racing Association

Joe Ahlin Live Stream

Welcome fans to my stream! If tuning in, you are most likely witnesses my online racing with the Nascar 2003 Racing Season game or the simulation. However, I do also venture out into differing MMORPG games, first person shooters and strategy games! Thank you for tuning into the stream, and be sure to pop in and say hello in the chat when I am live! For more updates and notifications of my live streams, be sure to follow the channel!

Donations are NOT required to be a viewer on my stream, however they are greatly appreciated and will be used to continue upgrades on my machine to improve the quality of the viewership! As always, thank you for any donations and contributions to this stream!

1) This is an English stream! Please refrain from other languages for communication.

2) Please do not self-promote your channel, unless I have you listed under “Fellow Streamers” on my channel.

3) Please do not post any links in the chat without consent from a chat moderator or myself.

4) Spammers and trolls will not be tolerated and will be removed from my stream.

5) This stream is intended for mature audiences, please be aware when entering the stream that the content displayed is for 18 years or older. (Any adult content that is posted in the chat will be removed and the poster banned from the channel. This is not going to be tolerated in my stream)

DISCLAIMER Audio during streams will most likely feature inner-team communication as well as fellow drivers communication! The thoughts and opinions reflected upon while live on air are not an actual representation of an individual (in most cases). In the heat of competition and high emotions we are all competitive and things may be said in the heat of the moment. With that being said, what happens in the stream stays in the stream! Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy!

SRA Content Disclaimer
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If you have a complaint about something or find that your content is being used incorrectly, PLEASE CONTACT THE BROADCASTER PRIOR TO MAKING A CLAIM OR APPROACHING ANY SRA DIRECTOR. Any infringement was not done purposely and can be rectified if necessary.