Friday, July 3, 2020
Sim Racing Association

Our Mission

Over the last few months since the debut of the Sim Racing Association, we have received alot of questions from many drivers and leagues what SRA is all about – its purpose, goals and long term plans. The answer is very simple. Over time many of us league administrators and owners have always had the same vision of uniting the NR2003 community together under one roof in a shared TeamSpeak. Under this central hub of racing each league would operate and run their operations independently as we have all done for many years.

The concept of SRA is about community – to assist each other with networking, outreach, and direct support amongst all of us who share the unique vision of keeping an old sim that we all love alive and vibrant for many years to come. It should go without saying that there will be certain nights where some overlapping of leagues holding races under particular time slots will happen. We realize and acknowledge that fact, and it would be impossible to avoid that conflict in order to let each league continue to grow. Our stance on that is simple – empower drivers and provide them options to race anywhere they want. It’s about giving the drivers an unlimited amount of choices to share, display, and enjoy the brotherhood within our community. If a racer isn’t the most comfortable at a certain skill or discipline of racing, the other choices within our community allows him or her to find a comfort zone in an environment that is competitive, familiar, and entertaining because after all, we are all here to have fun. The Sim Racing Association is also governed and overseen by our Board Of Directors. Our Board members consist of members from our founding leagues and everything we do as sanctioning body is voted upon as a working unit.

SRA’s mission is simple – we act as a sanctioning body that is open to any and all league that may be interested in coming along for the ride in this endeavor. What are the benefits of a league joining SRA? Our main objective is to reduce costs of each respective league’s operations. Within the SRA platform we designate an exclusive section just for individual league use. We assist in the building and security of your channels within TeamSpeak. We provide technical support not only with our TS operations, but also with our wealth of knowledge from so many users with years of experience, meaning we can assist with direct support in any kind of troubleshooting anyone many encounter.

You may also see that SRA has multiple sanctioned racing series as well. These events are ran as a partnership together within the leagues of SRA. Our doors are open to all forms of racing! Yes we make our core in NR2003, but we welcome and offer racing of various forms in the likes of iRacing, Rfactor, Project Cars, and anything else that a league may bring to the ever-growing brand of Sim Racing Association. Would you like to bring your league into SRA and enjoy all of the future perks and benefits that are to come as part of the team? Contact any of the leadership of our partner leagues and we will all convene to answer your questions and cover all of the expectations of what the SRA affiliation is all about. It is an open-door policy, so please do not hesitate to ask!

There is so much more to come as we continue to grow and expand our horizons! Does your league currently operate only 1 night per week? No problem! We all face the financial pitfalls of keeping our leagues up and running. Leagues within SRA may even go as far as provide the use of a high quality race server to a league who may need it to keep their league functioning as normal. SRA is truly a brotherhood and is run by the leagues operating within it. One of those exciting things on the horizon is construction of a brand-new, freshly-designed website. Our online home will act as a portal for all information, league promotion, and future sanctioned events. In addition, featured on the website will be the SRA all-time wins list and updated standings for our featured series. Each home league and entity will have direct links provided to all vital individual league information. SRA also will have many more news announcements over the coming weeks about some new and exciting things soon to be joining the SRA roster.

On behalf of the SRA Board of Directors, TDR Racing, Blazin’ Pedals, FTF Racing, and NRSL we welcome and thank all drivers and leagues for being part of this revolutionizing new display of community unity. Take a look around, check out all the great things happening, and feel free to ask questions of any of our membership. Thank you for reading and we hope to see many new faces joining in on the fun associated within all our partner organizations!

Sim Racing Association