Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Morgans Takes First CRUSH Pole Award @ FTF Racing

Yesterday, FTF completed it’s Qualifying for the CJ First Candle Daytona 500k that will take place on February 26th. After 76 drivers attempted to qualify for the event, it was Taylor Morgans who took top honors, the CRUSH Pole Award, with a lap time of 47.281 seconds. Brandon Lawson came close in 2nd place, with a lap time of 47.282 seconds. Both drivers are officially locked into the 500k and will start 1st and 2nd on race day.

Next Sunday, the field will be trimmed after two “Dale With It” Duel Races take place. The top 15 finishers not named Taylor Morgans or Brandon Lawson will advance to the main event, and the remainder of the field will be filled by the next fastest qualifying times, 2016 owner points, past champion if needed, and the race sponsor if needed. A field of 40 will take the green flag in the 125 lap main event.

The Full Qualifying Results

Make & Model
Car File?
13647.281Taylor MorgansReese'sChevrolet SSHuge Send Motorsports7YA
2947.282Brandon LawsonTargetDodge DartRAM Racing6YB
33147.285Derek JustisBaskin RobbinsFord FusionTeam XSR1YA
400547.287David DayTeam CrushDodge ChargerTeam CRUSH60YB
53047.289Corey CarpenterVerizonChevrolet SSMile High Motorsports21YA
6847.294Jordan BusterCokeChevrolet SSMile High Motorsports28YB
75347.296Justin MelilloRadioShackChevrolet SSSpeed, Inc.5YA
81747.296Matt VassarCarharttFord FusionVassHouse Racing9YB
9647.296Joe AhlinTeam CRUSHDodge ChargerTeam CRUSH69YA
102047.297David SchildhouseSamsungFord FusionVassHouse Racing3YB
112447.297Cosmin IoanesiuHavolineChevrolet SSSpeed, Inc.11YA
121647.298Jason JustisBud LightFord FusionVassHouse Racing2YB
130247.302Blake McCandlessTeam CRUSHDodge ChargerTeam CRUSHN/AYA
142647.304Kevin McAdamsMPIChevrolet SSSpeed, Inc.23YB
155547.307Mike FallonPEAK AntifreezeToyota CamryFull Spectrum Racing22YA
169247.308Matt DerrJohn DeereFord FusionVassHouse Racing8YB
171447.310Kollin KeisterAMP EnergyChevrolet SSHuge Send Motorsports19YA
18547.310Andrew FesslerUSAFChevrolet SSMile High Motorsports25YB
192547.312Craig MeyerTideToyota CamryTeam RedLine68YA
205447.315Dillon PoteetBass Pro ShopsToyota CamryWingDings Motorsports14YB
21147.315Jake PoulinInterstate BatteriesToyota CamryFMB Racing17YA
223547.316Matt WatkinsFAVEToyota CamryTeam RedLine61YB
230047.318Jesse KleinBurger KingChevrolet SSFlying Sparks Motorsports57YBSwitched with #96
242747.320Tristan HagensteinGoody'sFord FusionTrue North Motorsports24YB
257847.321Dakota WilkinsBud IceToyota CamryTeam RedLineN/AYA
265747.323Maverick MorrowOreoChevrolet SSTeam XSR12YB
27247.325Tom SylvainTideFord FusionTeam XSR4YA
283347.328Adam CodolSkittlesToyota CamryFull Spectrum Racing16NB
292947.329Scott ShroyerBudweiserDodge ChargerSTARS MotorsportsN/AYA
309347.330Martin KarchTeam CRUSHDodge ChargerTeam CRUSHN/AYB
311247.334Brenden BergAlpinestarsToyota CamryJB MotorsportsN/AYA
324747.335Sonny TallmanGolf TownChevrolet SSFlying Sparks Motorsports32YB
335947.338Matt KempArctic FoxChevrolet SSMatt Kemp Racing71YA
345147.341Dylan SchwallenbergAlpinestarsToyota CamryWingDings Motorsports37YB
357647.344Noah CarmichaelDr. PepperChevrolet SSWG MotorsportsN/AYA
365647.345John Poole IIINintendo SwitchChevrolet SSJohn Poole Racing53YB
374347.348Ricky ColletteFlex Seal / AlbertsonsFord FusionColeman/Maple EnterprisesN/AYA
387147.350Chris WetzRebellionFord FusionArea 52 Racing13YB
393247.351Kyle MerkelQuaker StateChevrolet SSDon't Speed, Inc.39YA
407247.352Matt MuirGoProToyota CamrySky Motorsports62YB
411147.353Nick GuentherGran TurismoChevrolet SSWG Motorsports47YA
42447.353Zach BuchananBass Pro ShopsToyota CamryJB Motorsports72YB
431047.354Vincent FurlongGoodwrenchChevrolet SSMile High Motorsports56YA
440547.363Cody ErdmannMilwaukeeFord FusionArea 52 Racing52YB
458047.364Philip KrausGreat ClipsChevrolet SSPhilip Kraus Racing44YA
464047.366Doug DeNiseStanleyDodge DartDoug DeNise Racing26YB
470447.366Robbie JacksonAaron'sFord FusionDesparado Motorsports64YA
489647.370Chris HartMonsterFord FusionChris Hart Racing49YASwitched with #00
498447.375Sean WhitehillSpy OpticsFord FusionColeman/Maple EnterprisesN/AYA
503947.377Arnold ColumbiaUnsponsoredToyota CamryTrue North Motorsports27YB
519947.377Henry NovaRed BullToyota CamryWingDings Motorsports35YBSwitched with #50
522247.378Gary PiccoloEdgeToyota CamryTeam RedLineN/AYB
539047.380Joseph WeaverUnsponsoredFord FusionColeman/Maple EnterprisesN/AYA
544547.383Jay ShafferHusqvarnaChevrolet SSFlying Sparks MotorsportsN/AYB
559747.384Victor ValleeJBL by HarmanToyota CamryWingDings Motorsports41YA
5608747.388Brad BurkeInterstate BatteriesToyota CamryUnderdog RacingN/AYB
577747.390Joshua StubbsCJ FoundationFord FusionArea 52 Racing50YA
583747.391Ryan NawrockiFamily DollarChevrolet SSSpeed, Inc.20YB
598347.396Brad PerezLucas OilToyota CamryJB Motorsports45YA
608547.397Coby WaitsYoo HooChevrolet SSDon't Speed, Inc.58YB
61747.399Jonathan TaylorSAPFord FusionArea 52 Racing29YA
626047.404Zach ChrostowskiHaas AutomationFord FusionZach Chrostowski RacingN/AYB
6301147.423Cory SpencerHome DepotChevrolet SSCory Spencer Racing73YA
646647.427Mitch RobertsCrown RoyalChevrolet SSUnderdog RacingN/AYB
650747.428Kyle SlaughterGatoradeChevrolet SSTurn 4 Motorsport34YA
660147.429Scott GeiswiteInterstate BatteriesToyota CamryFMB Racing18YB
67347.462Zach RogersMTN DewChevrolet SSTeam Velocity33YA
6800147.485Jeremy HebelMello YelloChevrolet SSSTARS MotorsportsN/AYB
695247.492Zach StultzAdvocareFord FusionAmoedo-Stultz Racing63YA
705047.503Robert KubatPennsylvania LotteryChevrolet SSRobert Kubat RacingN/AYASwitched with #99
716447.575Michael MarottaRoyal Teak FurnitureFord FusionColeman/Maple EnterprisesN/AYA
721347.598Joey MurphyWESCOChevrolet SSTeam Velocity54YB
732847.609Chris BarnsDodge DealersDodge ChargerRAM Racing43YA
7419347.809*Rick JohnsonAmocoChevrolet SSTeam Velocity42YB
754147.905Bobby Smith Jr.Navy Federal Credit UnionDodge ChargerRAM Racing31YA
7644DNFMichael BerghAlpinestarsChevrolet SSTeam CTR51YB
7767DNQAndrew SchwartzCastrol EdgeFord FusionTrue North Motorsports10YA
7819DNQEmmanuel HartnettNicoretteFord FusionFire/Ice RacingN/AYB
7995DNQShayne Taratula??????Shayne Taratula RacingN/ANA
80088DNQChad MikoszMTN DewChevrolet SSBig EVIL Racing40YB
8118DNQCole BakerChevrolet SSTeam VelocityN/ANA
8215DNQKeith ShermanToyota CamryFull Spectrum Racing30NB
8338DNQWarren RozarioFord FusionTrue North Motorsports38NA
8421DNQAllen LewisFord FusionTeam XSR70NB
8581DNQJoshua Hawkins??????Power Steering Inc.N/ANA
8642DNQPhilip ParkerAxe White LabelFord FusionFire/Ice RacingN/AYB
8775DNQNatan G. AmoedoNesQuikFord FusionAmoedo-Stultz Racing55YA
8848DNQTyler ClabaughChevrolet SSDon't Speed, Inc.N/ANB
8949DNQPJ Jackson??????PJ Jackson RacingN/ANA
9091DNQNick Baker??????NBMotorsportsN/ANB
9186DNQTimmy Pacchioli??????VSR66NA
9246DNQTom BarberCheeseburger Bobby'sChevrolet SSFlying Sparks Motorsports48YB
9309DNQDavid CulpepperFord FusionDesparado MotorsportsN/ANA
940DNQAlex RuthDodge ChargerRAM Racing15NB
95083DNQThomas HitchChevrolet SSDon't Speed, Inc.46NA
9687DNQDan MackayLucas OilFord FusionField Filler LLC65YB
9788DNQJonny GardnerRacing for JesusChevrolet SSWG Motorsports36YA
9834DNQRyan Pace??????Ryan Pace RacingN/ANB
9998DNQD.J. KurtisToyota CamryJB MotorsportsN/ANA
10023DNQShawn Butler??????Shawn Butler Racing67NB


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