Saturday, November 18, 2017
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New Series Coming to SRA!

New to SRA! It has been announced that the 7-Eleven Super Truck Series will be introduced this year and ran under the SRA banner.

Here is a brief description from Administrator Jason Justis:

“It’s time we take the next step to bring about that level of competition and demonstrate that not only can we come together under one roof and compete like gentlemen (and ladies) with class, we can do so at such a high level that it can’t be achieved anywhere else. With the assistance and help from the admins at Insomniac Motorsports to help make this transition possible, it is with pride that we are moving the 7-Eleven Super Truck Series that I’ve been privileged enough to host and be the head admin of from being a series associated to one league to becoming a NR2003 community-wide series that is OPEN TO EVERYONE. It may be called the SRA 7-Eleven Super Truck Series, but it will be open to everyone across the entire community regardless of league affiliation or whether or not you’re a part of SRA. The design and intent behind this is to attract the most talented drivers in the world and put them in one place, allowing them the opportunity to compete against the best on a weekly basis. There’s nothing more exhilarating that knowing that you’re three wide, inches apart, gunning for the win. When you’re doing so against those that are equally as competitive as you are, and you emerge triumphant, it is an accomplishment that will mean that much more.
Here’s how it will work:
Mod: cws2015
Setup: fixed
Day: Wednesday night
Time: Grid qualifying at 10:30 PM EST
Schedule: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series
Yellows: On
Weather: Fixed 70 degrees clear with ~no wind
Damage: Moderate
Double File Restarts: Current NASCAR Style
G-W-C Finishes: Yes, up to three attempts
Lucky Dogs: Yes
Wave Arounds: Yes
We will follow the regular season of the Cup Series and incorporate a playoff similar to what was in place last year – 16 drivers, 10 races, four drivers eliminated after every three races, bonus points available all season, and a four driver race off to determine the champion.
Now you have questions, so lets dive on in.
Q: What do you get for winning?
A: Let’s get specific. If you can win the championship, you’ll get a trophy that’s heavier and taller that some others you’ve likely received in the past. Hopefully Maverick Morrow can provide a picture of the one he took home for winning the title last year.
Q: What about winning a race?
A: The top 16 drivers that make up the playoff grid that we will call the “Super Chase” consists of the winningest drivers in the Top 25 in points, with tie breakers based on point standings whether we have more or less than 15 race winners.
Q: Why just 15 winners?
A: The points leader after 26 races is guaranteed a spot in the Super Chase.
Q: What else could you win?
A: Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Derek Justis, he has committed to paying out $10 to the winner of every single points race this season. If a race winner so chooses, however, he may donate the race winnings back into the championship point fund at the end of the season that will pay back a minimum $10 to every driver who makes the Super Chase. If a driver decides to donate his $10 race winnings to the point fund, I will chip in an additional $5 to help sweeten the pot. Thank you for your commitment Derek!
Q: How many drivers will be in each race?
A: A full field will consist of 35 drivers. This philosophy will emphasize quality over quantity, as knockout qualifying will ensure that we have talented fields every race.
Q: Will there be stages in races?
A: No, the races will not be separated into stages. The only points that will be paid out are at the end of races. 38 points for 1st, 34 for 2nd, 33 for 3rd, all the way down to 1 point for last place in 35th. 1 point for leading a lap, and one more point for leading the most.
Q: So no provisionals?
A: No provisionals. If you miss a race, you get no points.
Q: Why only 35 drivers?
A: In any given race, we need the extra 7 spots open for two off track admins if necessary, and four or five broadcast crew slots.
Q: Broadcast crew?
A: Yes, Maverick Morrow has committed to sponsoring and paying for at least eight races to be broadcast by DRTV for the 2017 Season. (I was shocked myself and equally grateful for such an amazing commitment! Thank you Maverick!)
Most other questions can be answered by the Rulebook document that is included below. If you cannot open it, a text file version can be supplied later.
I could not be more excited to share this news with everyone. It’s something that we’ve dreamed about for years, and we hope that this will attract the great drivers from all over the world and help the series achieve it’s highest potential.
It’s going to be a GREAT season.
Jason Justis
7-Eleven Super Truck Series Administrator”

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