Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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Phil Parker stuns at Weedsport

This past Sunday night. The Slidin’ Dirty Super Late Model Tour rolled into town. What town? Weedsport, New York at the Cayuga County Fair Speedway. The Did You Say Weed 50? was on tap for those drivers and crews that made the tow. Hopefully we don’t need any random drug testing after this race. Lol.

Brian Hoag would draw the pole position for Heat Race #1. While Phil LaCasse Jr. would draw the outside pole and start the race in the 2nd position. The two other drivers in the race would make quick work of Phil and then set their sights on Brian. You could have thrown a blanket over the top 3 they were that close together for the entire 10 laps. Brian was up for the challenge as he lead every lap and took the checkered flag for his first Heat Race win of the season.

Heat Race #1 Results (Top 4 to the Redraw)
1. #14 Brian Hoag
2. #84 Andy Margo
3. #78 Philip Parker
4. #4 Phil LaCasse Jr.

We had a couple of teams get stuck in the summer traffic again but were able to make it to the track in time to race in Heat Race #2.

The #22 would prove lucky as Bobby Farrell would draw the pole position in the #88 for Heat Race #2. Jeffrey Goodpaster, another newcomer to the series, would draw the outside of Row 1 for the start. Farrell quickly jumped out to an early lead and survived a couple of cautions during the race. He couldn’t survive the inside wall. With 2 laps to go he would tap the wall which sent him up the track and allowed Goodpaster to take the lead. Going into Turn 1 with the White Flag in the air Farrell would see an opportunity and go for it. He got to the inside of Jeffrey but got loose causing both cars to spin out from the lead and a redraw spot. That would hand the lead and the Heat Race win to John Wall for his 3rd win of the season.

Heat Race #2 Results (Top 4 to the Redraw)
1. #29 John Wall
2. #33 Todd Stanton
3. #051 Joey Bailey
4. #37 Doug Lockrow
5. #19 Jeffrey Goodpaster
6. #88 Bobby Farrell

Some of us might call him Mr. Blinky. We might need to start calling him Mr. Lucky. For the second week in a row after the Redraw was all said and done. Philip Parker would find himself sitting on the pole for the Something About Weed (Lol) 50 lap Feature Event. Another newcomer to the series, Joey Bailey would see himself starting along side on the outside of the front row. After challenges by some of the best dirt racers around including Todd StantonBrian Hoag, and John Wall among others. Philip Parker would not be denied as he would lead all 50 laps dominating the Did You Say Weed? Feature to claim his 1st Feature win of the season.

Feature Results
1. #78 Philip Parker
2. #051 Joey Bailey
3. #14 Brian Hoag
4. #29 John Wall
5. #88 Bobby Farrell
6. #84 Andy Margo
7. #4 Phil LaCasse Jr.
8. #19 Jeffrey Goodpaster
9. #37 Doug Lockrow
10. #33 Todd Stanton

With the results Brian Hoag would take over the points lead by 1 point over John WallPhilip Parker is sitting in 3rd 21 points back. Michael Marotta is 4th 31 points back and Grant Wessley is 5th 36 points back. They look like wide margins but with only 3 races into the season anything can happen. Hopefully every one can make the trip out to Fonda Speedway this coming Sunday night.

After the race on Sunday night, The Slidin’ Dirt Super Late Model Tour Officials had a meeting. We have decided to make 2 of the Feature races later on in the season Double Points events. So halfway through the season Race #8 which will be at the Dirt Track at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. Also the championship round, Race #16 which will be at the Eldora Speedway there will be double points up for grabs.

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