Saturday, August 17, 2019
Sim Racing Association

“The Teacher” shows them again how it’s done at Milwaukee!

Congrats to John Poole III on going 2 in a row to start the season off! Poole held off Chris Wetz on a fuel strategy nail biter to the finish. That race was honestly fun, but we gotta work on it a little bit before Gateway. Short ovals have been our weak point in past seasons, and we’ll have it fixed for then. Next week we go to Long Beach. See you there!

Here are the OFFICIAL finishing results. With the caution on the final lap and penalties, we had to change the finishing order.

1. 1 John Poole III
2. 91 Chris Wetz
3. 3 Zach Buchanan
4. 9 Joey Murphy
5. 24 William Goss
6. 41 James Shelly
7. 8 Greg Erwin
8. 22 Jeffery McClintock
9. 70 Cameron Reichenbach
10. 10 Shane Sides
11. 59 Jonathan Fjeld (EOLL)
12. 25 Cory Williams (-1L)
13. 83 Blake Warren (-1L)
14. 12 Brandon Schmidt (-1L)
15. 48 Austin LaPlante (-1L)
16. 76 Noah Carmichael (-1L)
17. 2 Dylan Schwallenberg (-1L)
18. 81 Lyndon Wright (-1L)
19. 98 Seth Cole (Out)
20. 28 Adam Harrington (Out)
21. 5 Philip Parker (Out)

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