Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Victor Vallee captures ISRL Shootout checkers at Riki Raceway

Congrats to Victor Vallee on the win tonight at Riki Raceway Night! The conditions were a little treacherous, but the field did a great job of driving smart all race considering! 2nd to Emmanuel Hartnett, and a 3rd for Austin LaPlante to finish the podium.

Victor also has locked himself into the chase with his win, and is currently leading the segment over Greg Erwin by 12 points!

Next week we head to Coca Cola Night so be prepared for that event, and the week after… IndyCar starts again on Friday!

Chase standings:
1 – Greg Erwin* (Segment 1 champion)
2 – Austin LaPlante* (Race winner)
3 – Toby Roberson* (Race winner)
4 – Emmanuel Hartnett* (Race winner)
5 – Frank Divvens Sr.* (Race winner)
6 – Victor Vallee* (Race winner)
7 – Philip Parker
8 – Jeffrey Goodpaster
9 – Rex Adams
10 – Sean Fay
11 – Doug Lockrow
12 – Jonny Gardner
13 – Jonathan Fjeld
14 – Rob Evans
15 – James Black
16 – Travis Rolon

See everyone next week!

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