Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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John Wall wins TDR’s Slingin’ Dirty Series Opener

Sunday Night, the drivers and teams of the Slidin’ Dirty Super Late Model Tour made the tow out to Whiteside County, Illinois. It was opening night for the tour as the TDR-Racing League hosted the TWA-Stonewall 50.

Michael Marotta would draw the pole position for Heat Race #1. Steve Looney would start on the outside of Row 1. It was all Marotta as he would lead flag to flag to win his first Heat Race of the season.

Heat Race #1 Results (Top 4 to the Redraw)
1. #132 Michael Marotta
2. #14 Brian Hoag
3. #21 Steve Looney
4. #101 Phil LaCasse Jr.
5. #33 Todd Stanton

There was a request that was accepted. Phil was kind enough to give up his redraw spot to A Todd.

Heat Race #2 would see John Wall drawing the pole position. Starting on the outside of Row #1 would be Aaron Johnson. Wall would not look back as he would lead from Green to Checkered to take his first Heat Race win of the season.

Heat Race #2 Results (Top 4 to the Redraw)
1. #29 John Wall
2. #78 Aaron Johnson
3. #84 Andy Margo
4. #37 Doug Lockrow
5. #88 Bobby Farrell

After the Redraw Steve Looney would find himself sitting on the poll for the Feature. John Wall would line up to his outside in the 2nd starting position. On the Green Flag Wall would power around the outside to take the lead. Then Wall would hold off the challenges of 3 restarts and Todd Stanton to take the checkered flag and his first Feature win of the season.

Feature Results
1. #29 John Wall
2. #33 Todd Stanton
3. #14 Brian Hoag
4. #132 Michael Marotta
5. #78 Aaron Johnson
6. #21 Steve Looney
7. #37 Doug Lockrow
8. #101 Phil LaCasse Jr.
9. #88 Bobby Farrell
10. #84 Andy Margo

It was a great race and we are looking forward to seeing everybody come out next Sunday at Canadaigua. Who can knock John Wall off his high horse and take their turn in Victory Lane?

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